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Tiger Candy

Diego Valle

On a moonlit night in the heart of the urban jungle laid an enigmatic creature that possessed a peculiar passion. There were days when various doubts crept in and the desire to leave a mark of expression among the shadows of the monolithic tombstones that once were engulfed in vibrancy and prosperity escalated significantly.


In the quiet moments of the night, when the city slept and the stars danced in the sky, he would lose himself in his work. Time ceased to exist as he painted, his mind consumed by the endless possibilities of color and form. A dazzling blend of candy color and shapes that explored the rawness and authenticity that spoke from his soul.

One cold night an elderly woman approached him, her eyes filled with both tears and admiration. "You bring life to these stones," she said. "You remind me of what once was and what can still be."

His heart swelled with a mixture of pride and humility. He realized that his art was not just an escape from his doubts, but a bridge connecting the past and the present, the forgotten and the remembered. His work had become a beacon of hope and inspiration, a testament to the enduring power of creativity. The way he perceived the world left an indelible mark as he found his place among the stars, forever shinning among his beloved urban jungle. 

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