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Cason Bridges | Remixes by: Diego Valle, Cantos, Mr. Bremson

Most people view friendships and the company of others as context-dependent. In school, you have school friends, but these relationships often end and you move on to college friends and professional friends, etc. People tend not to establish deep relationships, but rather form connections based on their needs. When they no longer have that need, they break the relationship. Over time, people's lives and needs change, and the level of involvement may be the most important factor. Sharing a few moments with someone can create a sense of unity and a feeling of becoming one. Sharing can also be viewed as an overlap of each other's lives in that moment, and those deep moments of overlapping lives can be a permanent process.

Company coverart. couch plants lava lamp company neon text
Cason Bridges dj producer
Diego Valle, Mr. Bremons, and Cantos
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