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The Sagas

Brem, Danny Satori

First release of the year is The Sagas EP, a collaboration between producers, Danny Satori based out of Berlin and Brem based out of Reykjavík, Iceland.

The opening track, Sólfar (The Sun Voyager), creates a soundscape structure with a rippling melody, a lucid vocal, and lots of atmospheric emotion. Brem delivers a Dub mix with pulsating bass powering the melody along. Qubick remixes with a thundering kick drum that carves out a distinctive groove underneath the stripped-down melody.

The Second Original track, Ásbyrgi (The Ascension of Sleipnir), has smoothly emerging atmospheres, that resonate in a warm and inviting melodic territory. To complete the release Danny's Artic Chill Out mix gives a euphoric finale full of sonic satisfaction.

The Sagas Artwork, geometric, blue, purple, ocean
Danny Satori, dj
Brem, DJ
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