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Dub Chronicles

Mr. Bremson | Remix: Miagma

Do you believe everything you think? Should you? All thoughts have a beginning and an end.

You may think you are suffering from the past but you cannot suffer from something that no longer exists. What you are suffering is your memory and your imagination. When you have a melancholy thought think of it as a script you are writing for a movie or a story. When you are told a story whether you believe it or not, its just a story. If it’s not in your experiences in the current moment then it has become just a story. Ask yourself what is the goal of life? Suppose you are in full ecstasy at all times, then you are not able to ask yourself what is the goal of life? Because the goal is to live and to live totally. To live totally means: to experience all aspects of life.

Imagination, thoughts and emotions are a way to pave the way. Thoughts are not a reality, it is a way to pave the way, it makes you willing. If you give to much significance to thoughts and emotions it begins to seem like it is the real thing. What’s in your head can became a bigger reality than reality itself. Once you start believing something that is not in your experience you can become a dangerous human being. With everything that goes on in the planet these days, its seems that it is always about good vs evil, but in reality, its one person’s thought versus another person’s thought. We should be sincere with ourselves and accept what we don’t know, as something that we don’t know.

The goal of life is to live and to live totally by experiencing all aspects of life.

Mr. Bremson - Dub Chronicles coverart
Mr. Bremson DJ producer djing
Miagma DJ producer djing
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