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Danca Da Floresta

Mac Skinner | Lana Johnson Remix

The children had learnt the ways of the forest and were now living amidst the labyrinth of waterways several years later. One day there was a deep rumble and they noticed a big stone rolling away which revealed a bone underneath surrounded by fungi.

The bone had an unusual shape and for hours they tried to figure out what animal it came from and they even dared to ask the question, is it human?

They never really came to a conclusion of where or who it came from but ever since then they noticed a little bit of luck each day. Their hunting and gathering became easier as they spotted what they needed much quicker. They also started experimenting with making musical instruments from material they gathered in the forest. With all this new luck they decided to call it the magic bone.

They always knew of dangers in the land they called home and had been in plenty of close calls with the unknown, but always knew to be on guard and be cautious. One day they finally completed all the musical instruments they need to play rhythms and melodies and after a few months’ time they were able to play beautifully. It was time for some fun!

Music was played all night and into the next morning. From then on, they had their musical ritual once a month. Over the next few months, they noticed the dangers of the forest diminished more and more.

Previously they had tried to defeat the dangers of the forest in small groups and even by themselves, but it was when they came together with one common goal that they finally started seeing results.

Danca Da Floresta, Mac Skinner, flowers, trees, geometric shapes, 2d, coverart
mac skinner, day party, dj, northern california
Lana Johnson, dj. cdjs, afterhours, house music
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