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Maybe From Mars Pt.2


In a pressurized rover the crew is on their third mission to Mars to collect core drill samples. After fifteen months of exploring, collecting samples, and performing science, the crew uncovers something profound. A collection of compelling soundscapes of inner and outer worlds. E.T. takes you into a deep subterranean depth of unapologetic dark matter.


Enjoy, a warm and lascivious yet generous cut of a star found traveling from another galaxy in a tidal stream. Check It, emerging from the infrared background light are splotches of flow-state inducing wavelengths and pervasive escapades. In Mars there are no borders or boundaries of the ethno-sonic stratosphere.

Prince.L - Maybe From Mars pt 2 coverart green spaceship
Prince.L wearing maybe from mars pt 2 t-shirt
Prince.L dj producer djing
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