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Thomas Genchev

A regular repeating path that takes around another. The boundaries of our personal circles energetically expand, more so when we are young. As children, curiosity and willingness to try new things keep us expanding our circles. As we have many experiences, develop maturity and increase our education we begin to establish a deeper understanding of reality. However most reach a point of a comfortable equilibrium, where we get set in our ways and go no further. The rings are set. A state of good enough, where the energy needed to expand one’s consciousness

Is greater than the will to do so. Change can be energizing but also destabilizing. People don’t have the energy to expand the circle any further, they see it as a threat and a disruption. Few people never stop expanding their circle, they never settle down and they continuously breathe new life into fresh perspectives and old dilemmas. They understand that every new truth that is uncovered has an expiration date causing them to take the next leap on their circle's boundary. This is accomplished by springing forward whenever old ideas are no longer providing a satisfying answer. This is why we may look back on our childhood with such fond memories.

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Planet and Moon
Crab Nebula
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